Beljum Budder

 The Natural Choice for Chafing Protection

In the world of endurance sports, friction is a four letter word. Friction can cause enormous discomfort & injury and can seriously affect your performance.

Beljum Budder provides maximum protection from chafing and other friction related problems. Used by some of the biggest names in endurance cycling, Our surprisingly light, yet highly effective formula contains a unique blend of soothing botanicals, essential vitamins and other ingredients which have been specifically designed to address the lubrication needs of the long distance athlete while eliminating some of the harsh chemicals found in other balms.

Beljum Budder delivers superior performance and comfort when needed yet easily washes clean with soap and water. Go ahead, "slip" into something a little more comfortable with Beljum Budder.

- Paraben-Free
- Petroleum-Free
- Fragrance-Free
- Non-Stainin
- Non-Greasy
- All Natural
- Antibacterial
- Vitamins A,D & E

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$28.99 CAD $22.99 CAD