Zone 3 - Women's Vanquish Triathlon Wetsuit

Women’s Zone3 Vanquish Wetsuit:

Ironman distance athletes love the suit for its extreme comfort and flexibility around the shoulders and Sprint/Olympic distance athletes for its speed and buoyancy. Since its original design in 2009 it's just got better and better. In our opinion, it is one of the most comfortable suits available.

In 2014 the Vanquish was rated against 14 other wetsuit brands in the 220 Triathlon magazine group test.  It came out with not only the highest rating of 92% but also gained the BEST ON TEST award which is one of the most prestigious awards that can be won. Triathletes all over the world have backed this up with fantastic feedback.

Below we have written a details description of the design features which make the Vanquish so highly rated. If you don't have the time, you could always watch the video!

Features include:

1. An ultra thin one-piece shoulder panel stretching all the way from the left hand to the right hand side with no seams in between. As soon as you put this suit on you can feel the difference. Maximum flexibility meaning you can increase your distance per stroke, conserve energy and minimize any shoulder pain. This panel is only 1.5mm thick and made with Yamamoto's premium  #40 SCS. Ref# 1

2. Aerodome neoprene designed with air bubbles built between the fabric layers producing up to 30% more buoyancy than conventional neoprene. This premium fabric is featured from the torso down to the knees making it especially buoyant and fast.

3. Buoyancy carefully balanced through the suit to ensure the optimum streamlined swimming position and maximum efficiency through the stroke.

4. Pro Speed CuffsTM on the arms and the legs for rapid removal after the swim to ensure the quickest transitions, saving you vital time on any course.

5. Sensory Catch Panel: Aeroforce fabric is used on the forearms to give an improved feeling and catch in the water. Rather than a traditional rubber fabric, the Vanquish uses a double layer of high performance, water repellent lycra fabric. This firstly reduces arm fatigue as there is not as much buoyancy resistance during the catch phases of the stroke but also allows the swimmer to improve their efficiency in the water. No water can enter the suit but you will feel the coldness of the water on the forearm panel which helps to align your hand and forearm during the stroke to give more propulsion and also a more natural feeling swim.

6. Upwards breakaway zip design for even quicker transitions and protection from having your zip pulled down during a race.

7. The Ladies Vanquish wetsuit is one of most stylish looking wetsuits on the market. A mixture of Golden tones, Graphite and Purple makes for a suit which really looks as good as it feels.

The Vanquish makes use of the World’s highest performance materials and combines these with a thoroughly researched panel design to ensure maximum flexibility and balanced buoyancy. The suit is aimed at those looking to race to the best of their ability and save time and energy during the swim.




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$699.90 CAD