Boston One Fund T-shirts

Who are we?

I’m a runner who was in Boston as a spectator this year and only a short distance from the second blast.  That day continues to affect me in ways I haven’t entirely processed; some of the most indelible images of that day for me are all the people who rushed to help others, first responders, volunteers, spectators and runners alike.  This is one way for me to deal with what I witnessed and feel like I am helping in some small way.

I am building on the efforts of a group of runners in Toronto who started this campaign and have graciously shared their ideas, creativity and lessons learned so that we as a larger running community can continue to show the people of Boston that we are with them. We want to tell the people who did this that we are not scared and that we will keep running marathons.

We want to tell the people who come out to support us at races that we love them, and that they shouldn't be scared either. We hope that our family and friends who come out to support us will also be draped in blue and gold!

We want to see a blue and yellow wave of runners speeding through the streets of Ottawa and lining the course as spectators, to show Boston and the world that the running community is strong and united in the face of this tragedy.

Much of what you see written here has been borrowed (with permission) from the Toronto campaign.

Spiteri & Ursulak LLP, Pure Iron Athletics & have made generous contributions to offset the cost of the shirts so that more of the money raised goes directly to The One Fund Boston

What We Need & What You Get

We want you to buy a shirt and wear it on race day, whether you run the 5k, 10k, half, marathon, or come to cheer us on.

For $26.20 CAD you get a blue and yellow performance technical shirt.

All of the proceeds will go to
The One Fund Boston, the purpose of which is to raise money to help those families most affected by the tragic events that unfolded during the Boston Marathon.

You will have the option to pick up your shirt or have it delivered for an additional shipping charge.  tragic events that unfolded during the Boston Marathon

Once we have finalized the design and have a price, we will post the amount (per shirt sold) that will be donated to The One Fund Boston.

You will have the option to pick up your shirt or have it delivered for an addition shipping charge. Details on how to order a shirt and the pickup location, dates and times will be posted as soon as the web page goes live.

The Impact

We think that the best way to show support for this tragedy is to run together, under one flag (or colours), with a very clear message of support to the people of Boston.

Other Ways You Can Help

If a shirt is not in the cards for you, we encourage you to wear blue and yellow on race weekend anyway, whether you are running or spectating, we want to create a sea of blue and yellow to show our support for Boston.

Volunteer to work with me to help promote and coordinate the efforts of this campaign.

You can also donate directly to The One Fund Boston by following the link below:


This Online Clothing order is now over. Please consider making a donation at the link above. Thanks!





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